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Rob’s Story

June 23, 2020 2:56 pm

drumsBy Chris Chirco

Rob has been playing the drums for as long as he can remember and at 58 years old his passion for playing is just as strong as ever. After multiple strokes left him disabled, Rob was struggling to play his drums due to diminished motor skills. Through physical therapy he slowly regained his independence and wanted to start to play his drum kit again. However, due to a lack of public transportation in the evening hours and afraid his old car would break down and leave him stranded, Rob couldn’t get to the practice space leaving him unable to pursue his passion and socially isolated.

Planning for Financial Security

Once Rob became disabled, he and his family planned for the future by setting up a Special Needs Individual Trust with Guardian Community Trust to help care for his personal needs while maintaining his Medicare eligibility. By working closely with his Clinical Relationship Coordinator at Guardian he was able to use his funds to buy a safe and reliable car once his health began to improve enough to drive. This allowed Rob to be part of the local music community again and to attend activities on his own with confidence.

“Rob is such an amazing man! We are so glad that we are able to help him maintain his independence and continue doing what he loves.”
– GCT Clinical Relationship Coordinator, Masiel L.

Currently, Rob lives independently in a public housing studio apartment and enjoys a close relationship with his ex-wife and his teenage son. As he continues to make progress in both his rehabilitation and in his drumming, Guardian Community Trust is there to continue to support him with unexpected expenses that arise.

Click Here to learn more about Special Needs Individual Trusts for people with disabilities, or contact us at support@guardiancommunitytrust.org or call 978-775-3500.

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