Getting to know you and/or those who support you is an essential task that Community Trust takes very seriously.   One of the first steps that can jump-start that process is to complete the Trust Information Request Form that we have created for just this purpose.  

We do not require the Form to be completed prior to establishing a trust, but we do ask that you complete it within a week or two from the time that you create the trust.

The Form provides us with very important information, including:

  • Names and contact information about the most important people in your life, with whom we often need to be in contact in order to develop a sound plan for using your trust assets effectively;
  • Contact information about medical providers who may need to be paid, or contacted for clinical background;
  • Knowledge of what living situation you are in, which helps to understand what kinds of support services, if any, you may need;
  • Awareness of what public benefits you receive, and how much income you have, which we need in order to prevent any loss of benefits due to trust distributions;
  • Information about any non-trust assets that may need to be maintained;

Completing the Trust Information Request Form is the beginning, not the end, of getting to know you.