Community Trust has three Affiliates that focus on services closely related to trustee work: the public guardianship mission. This advocacy is based on a belief that society should provide fiduciaries — guardians and/or conservators — for persons who suffer from incapacity, due to disease or disability, if they have no family or friends to serve in that role, and not enough financial resources to pay for a professional fiduciary. Community Trust supports three partner organizations that pursue this mission, each with a unique focus on realizing the vision:

  • The Massachusetts Guardianship Policy Institute meets regularly to consider policies and plan strategies for advocacy, as well as sponsoring educational events both large and small to present new ideas and help bring public attention to the changes that are needed.
  • The Center for Guardianship Excellence performs and funds ground-breaking research and targeted advocacy related to all aspects of guardianship. It also provides training and educational programing for family guardians, professional guardians and service providers who work with persons who have or need a guardian.
  • Public Guardian Services operates a public guardianship pilot project in Suffolk and Plymouth Counties that presently may serve up to 160 individuals. The long-range plan is to provide services in all counties statewide.

If you are interested in any of these separate parts of the mission, please read the descriptions, below, and/or visit their respective websites.