Rounds are weekly meetings, where Community Trust’s clinical staff and Trust Administrators gather to go over the needs of our beneficiaries.  These meetings supplement the hundreds of individual conversations that happen each week between beneficiaries or responsible parties and individual staff members, and that our staff members have with each other.  

The topics presented at Rounds range from significant changes in clinical outlook for particular beneficiaries, to distribution requests that are complex or controversial, to spending rates that are too fast or too slow, to general policies that need to be updated, modified or implemented better.  Many of our more difficult discussions concern very small trusts, where we have to be very judicious and creative in balancing the cost of the support that the beneficiary needs against the amount of resources that are in the trust. 

Rounds are closed to outside individuals and are solely for the purpose of supporting Community Trust’s internal trust administration processes.  No beneficiaries or responsible parties attend these meetings.