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Sponsor Agreement

Below are downloadable PDFs of the Sponsor Agreement, for joining the Guardian Community Trust pooled trust program. Please select the one that fits your situation. If you have questions about the forms that are not answered here, please, Contact us:

  1. Sponsor Agreement for Beneficiary (or Parent/Grandparent) to sign personally
    Use this form only when the Beneficiary is competent and he or she will sign the Sponsor Agreement personally. (This is also the correct form for a parent or grandparent who is setting up an account for a child or grandchild, if the parent or grandparent is competent and he or she will sign the form personally. The key ingredient is that no Power of Attorney is involved.)
  2. (a) Sponsor Agreement for Agent/POA to sign for the Beneficiary.
    (b) Sponsor Agreement for Agent/POA to sign for a Parent or Grandparent.
    Use one of these forms when the person who is creating the account –– the "Sponsor" –– is not competent, or is unable or unavailable, to sign personally. The account therefore is being created by an Agent under a Durable Power of Attorney.
  3. Sponsor Agreement created by a Conservator (or, in some other states, a Guardian).
  4. Sponsor Agreement for account that is created by a Court.
  5. "Mark Attest" Sponsor Agreement, for Beneficiary to mark, attested by two winesses.
    Use this form when the Beneficiary is competent, but physically is unable to create a competent signature. Two witnesses must be present, and the Beneficiary must be able demonstrate mental capacity for the witnesses before marking.